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In this photo is our first wonderful mastiff, Winston, at 9 1/2 years of age. He is the reason that we fell in love with this wonderful breed back in 1991 and have continued to share our home with them since then. He was truly an amazing dog and is behind the pedigrees of all of our present day great dogs.

When you are looking for a Mastiff puppy we feel that it is very important to locate an ethical/responsible breeder that only breeds to improve the breed by utilizing genetic testing in their breeding programs and by showing their dogs. Breeders will use all sorts of excuses or lies as to why their dogs do not have passing genetic testing results, but, what it simply boils down to is that a breeder cannot tell what they are breeding without it. It has been proven through years of research by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (please visit their website) that these are inherited diseases and that by testing and utilizing those genetic testing results breeders can and do have a lower incidence rate of passing along genetic diseases. It does cost a breeder a lot of money to do all of the genetic tests, but, if they are truly breeding to improve the breed how can they do so without it? Hip and Elbow dysplasia are life threatening issues in the Mastiff breed especially due to their giant size. Of course this does not guarantee that every puppy that is produced by responsible breeders will be perfect, but, it does show that they care enough for the breed and their dogs to do their very best.

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If you are considering adding a mastiff to your family please be sure to research the breed thoroughly since mastiffs are not the breed for everyone. Take the time to meet several mastiffs in person and spend time with them before making your decision. Visit the Mastiffs at their home and if possible at a show, or, somewhere else other than their home to see what their full personality is like. There are also several very good Mastiff books available as well that will assist you in your research. Some things to consider about the mastiff breed are that they can be very expensive to have, love and own. Flea, tick, heartworm preventative and any medications are all much more expensive for a Giant Breed than they are for a smaller dog. Other considerations are that medical bills are higher due to their size, they do shed even though they are a relatively short coated breed, they do drool and make keeping your house spotless impossible, they grow very large, usually have a shorter life span due to their size, and are more prone to giant breed health problems (hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, wobblers, etc). However, they are a wonderful breed that are gentle natured and make terrific companions. Before getting any pet be sure to do all of your homework for their benefit and yours as well.

If you would like more information about the mastiff breed or the wonderful mastiffs that share their lives with us feel free to contact link.

Sincerely, The Wileys