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Friday, March 17, 20065
Happy St. Patty's Day! Wouldn't Ya know, the McClovers were at the Green Door!
Saturday, October 6th - Private Party
Happy Birthday James!  Bonfires, chicken wings, moonshine and good folk made this a great time. Oh yeah, we jammed too, there was some pretty serious recording equipment present, look for audio mcclover soon..
Saturday, June 9th - Greendoor
This was a Greendoor gig, what more d'ya want? Not only the Home of the McClovers, the Greendoor has and probably always will be Jam Central Station  for us as well. Steve and Neil providing Tick and Tock, Gordy and the Mandolin too, then Chad and Eric from SeriousLee  came up and jammed a bit. Gotta check them out. The tapes didnt come out too good, but there'll be some audio from the show up here sooner or later.
Saturday, June 1st - Zahniser's
This was an outdoor gig for the Southern Maryland Sailing Association.  Great food, great drink, and great people; Thanks Dora for providing a bit o' harmony.  If ya wanna get technical, this wasn't really a McClover gig, more like a Richard Wagner thing,  with Rosie helping out in the percussion department. Ya know, two heads are better than one. Peavey heads that is..
Saturday, June 1st - Harbor Sounds
Another Richard and Rosie thing, down at the Bayou Room. Apologies to Waylon for playing on the same night he was, he probably couldn't figure out  where everybody was..
Saturday, April 21st - Harbor Sounds
Well it just wouldn't be Tiki Bar weekend without the Tiki Bar. Or Harbor Sounds for that matter. You'd think at a place that close to the water  it'd be a little easier to get some. But a great show nonetheless. McClovers + 1 tonight, with Gordy on mandolin and boost button. Hope the pictures come out.
Wednesday, April 11th - Monks Inn
Once again we survived Dart Night without being perforated. McClover Tanks this time goto Sevy for being Sevy, and Breezy for showing us The Way. Somebody flipped their car, so much in a hurry to see the show. Hope you're alright.
Wednesday, March 28th - Monks Inn
This was a good back to basics gig; guitar, harp, and percussion. Tonight also marked the start of our bi-weekly appearances at Monk's. The tapes came out real good, Audio McClover is forthcoming.
Happy Birthday, Jamie!
Saturday, March 17th - Greendoor
Wow. We have'nt had a family reunion like this since, well, our last one.
Neil broke out the big kit, Steve was bassin', Gordy was mandolinin', Joan was fiddlin', and when Eric got green things really started rockin.
Friday, March 2nd - Neptune's Club and Grille
If I leave here tomorrow / Would you still remember me? / For I must be trav'ling on now / 'Cause there's too many places I've got to see.
Saturday, February 10th - Greendoor
Oh what a JAM this was. Guests this evening included Mark the Traveling Minstrel, flute, two Johns,  playing guitar and bass, respectively, and of course Neil on the drums and Gordy on mandolin. The soundman got a last minute reprieve  and was able to attend and tape the event. Additional Audio McClover has been created, you are urged to get right and check it out.
Wednesday, January 31st - Monks Inn
This was a bunch of fun! Thanks Chad, Daryll and John for jammin with us, and making our Monks debut a memorable experience. 
Saturday, January 13th - Greendoor
This gig was for the dogs. Literally.  Many McClover tanks to Steve, Neil, and Chad for coming out and jamming with us.  The soundman was doing some taping, but as usual he screwed it up..  Some tape is alright, heres a mp3 clip; Tangled up and Blue, but don't expect much.  When you play this back, dont be afraid to use the equalizer on your computer..
Saturday, January 6th - Harbor Sounds
This was alot of fun. Our second gig of the new year, and our first time here. Actually we played a private party here last year.  Welcome back, Dennis and Debi. Dennis jammed with the McClovers, and there's several mp3's to prove it..
Monday, January 1st, 2001 - Happy New Year!!
We didn't play anywhere, but Richard played a solo gig at Spinnaker's Restaurant.
Tuesday, September 26th - Private party at Harbor Sounds, 7PM - 11PM, for National Winsurfing Championships.
This was fun. Who says windsurfers can't party? Or sing?  Hats off to the couple talented (and multi-talented) folks who came up and shared the mics with us.  Hope you all had as much fun as we did!
Sunday, August 6th - RiverJam on Solomons Island, 3PM - 7PM
This isn't actually a McClovers gig, but more of a jam, on the river, hosted by a band called Rainin' Blues. A bunch of acts show up, and it's a great time. Incidentally, the Atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, on this date in 1945.
Saturday, July 15th - Bucksnort (private party) 1PM - 5PM
This gig has been cancelled. I would like to (not) thank the jackasses at Bucksnort who screwed us on this, and (for real) thank the sweetheart there that explained it to me. I would also like to apologize to the guy who's fault I thought it was.
Friday, July 14th - Greendoor
Fantastic! Thanks Neil, Eric, Chad and Andy for jamming with us. Alot of pictures were took, and some will no doubt make it into our photo gallery. Congrats Erica, good job! Too bad the sound engineer didnt get the whole show on tape, though. You've never done it till you've done it in a hayfield.
Friday, June 23rd - South Ridge Restaurant, 10PM - 2AM
This turned out alright. The food was super, and you've never done it till you've done it in a ballpark.

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Green Door, 01/13/01

For What it's Worth 6:20
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Green Door, 02/10/01

Blue Sky/Love Light 15:52
Dancing Nancies 6:14
Gotta Jiboo 12:40

Monk's Inn, 04/11/01

The Harder They Come 5:18

Harbor Sounds, 04/21/01

Bug 5:37


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