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Let's talk about liquid money.

3 to 5 bucks for 100mls of juice.

Let's break it down s'more.

The cigarettes I smoked cost about 30¢ each.

My half fast DIY E-Liquid costs me a bit more than 3¢ a ml if I don't mix in additional flavor. Otherwise, the cost jumps all the way up to 4¢ or 5¢..

I'll use up more or less a milliliter a day..

OK, there is money to be spent..

$30 or so for 1 liter of pre-mixed Base (PG/VG/nic).
$35 or so for flavors I sometimes mix in.
$10 or so for wire and cotton.

So 12 to 15 hundred bucks a year for cigarettes, or 75 bucks (usually way way less) a year on vape stuff..

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