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I've been vaping and not smoking for
3 years and 115 days

If I'm still around in 29 years or so I think, I will have been vaping for longer than I had smoked.

not a cent spent in the last 185 days. the $3 I spent 34 days ago doesn't count..

vaping has cost me less than 1/6 of the $3,856 that would've been spent on the guestimated 12,579 cigarettes that I haven't smoked.

More than 9 ounces of tar aren't in my lungs..



1,209 days ago, on September 29th, 2014, I quit nailin' my coffin after doing so for more than 30 years. BUTT I did smoke more or less than half a cigarette 39 days after that.

I won't be using my Zippo as much anymore, but it's not going anywhere..


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Vaping is not the same as smoking. I started with hardware like this. Vaping is not the same as smoking. I have a Provari 2.5, an iTaste 134 Mini, the iClear X.I clearo it came with, and a Vapros V-Spot clearomizer. I also have an eLeaf iStick, the Ehpro eTank S2 clearo it came with, and a Sir Lancelot mechanical mod. Vaping is not the same as smoking, and I have a Wotofo Serpent Mini RTA, a Serpent SMM RTA and an IJoy Reaper Plus RTA. I have a 1600mAh (which may be 1300mAh..) VV 510/eGo threaded Kamry X7 battery, some kind of 1100mAh (which may be 1000mAh..) VV 510/eGo threaded battery, and a few 18nn0 batteries. I should mention, vaping is not the same as smoking. It's not rocket science, but, It's Science. Remember that.

At first, I was keen on a mix of Turkish Bold and Mojito flavored pre-mixed juices, at about an 80/20 ratio (well, 8mg and 2mg..) with 21 and 10 mg/ml nicotine levels. I was incorrectly assuming the end nic level to be 31. I was shown this calculator (Thanks Rat2chat2, Markill and Rickajho), and with that I determined the nicotine level to be just under 19mg. I have found the eJuice Me Up calculator to be quite useful as well. The calculators at Steam Engine have to be mentioned too because they have to be.

Today I may've vaped up to 2 ml of a 75/25 PG/VG ratio 24mg per ml nic Unflavored e-liquid, sometimes I add a little concentrated flavor.

I've been in mech land for 1 year and 79 days.

As if things weren't already interesting enough, they're going to get interestinger now that the FDA Deeming Regulations Ripple effect has started.

I like tobacco. I used to enjoy smoking a cigarette. Now I enjoy vaping instead. Nicotine is a somewhat stimulating, calming and relaxing drug (like caffeine..) that I have no reason or desire to stop using.

There are a few similarities to and many differences between using a PV (portable vaporizer, commonly called an e-cig) and smoking a cigarette. It's difficult to compare the two because they are just not the same. It's more than an apples and oranges kind of thing..

One gets nicotine, so there is a 'smoking action' effect going on, but there is..

no tar
no ashes
no smoke
no coughing or hacking
no "I just GOTTA empty this ashtray" occasions

Not only are there similarities to and differences between smoking and vaping, there are several different types of both. Someday, I'll get around to editing this page to list those different types.

I control the flavor level, the nicotine level, the temperature and body of the vapor, and the 'Toke Time'..
Even though I can't use one of these while I use both hands for something, I don't get any smoke in my eye..
I don't have to roll down my vehicles' window near as much anymore.
  This is nice when it's cold or raining.
I don't have to keep my vehicles' interior light on at night so I can find the ashtray. In fact, I don't have to look for an ashtray anywhere anymore..
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