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If you have ever watched geese flying in that "V" formation you'll understand what this benefit is all about.

I have learned by watching geese fly together that they have a plan that keeps them together, flying in the familiar "wing" or "V" formation. Each goose gets a chance to take the lead, as they constantly change their position in the formation. There are times when one of them cannot keep up, because of age, illness, or injury, and has to leave the formation. Also, that there is always one or two that will follow that goose down to the ground to wait. To stand by. These geese will stay until the fallen goose either dies, or is well enough to regain his position in the group. If he is fortunate and healthy enough to get back with the group, they'll move him to the middle to watch over him until they reach their destination.

What I have learned in the past few weeks about the people in my community, my musical friends, and our listeners, is that we are like those geese, in every respect but one.

Late one Tuesday night, about a month ago, a friend in our community, our group of musicians here in Southern Maryland, had fallen. Bruce is home now, recovering from injuries sustained when he was attacked late at night, coming home after playing music with friends.

You see, not just one or two of us stopped to lend a hand, to stand by. It is that we all came down together. That is where the similarity ends. We all came as a group, to help, and to find ways to reach a common goal. Help Bruce. Keep him with us. To do what we could do to help, whether through prayer, positive vibes (James & Andrea), challenging others to match efforts in kind (JIM, great challenge). Maybe just plain ol' bein' there. What a thrill to be part of that. Now it's all coming together, and we want the rest of you to join us.

We are fortunate to have Bruce back with us today. As if they had seen the movie, the musicians, friends and businesses in the local area, most notably, Bowens Inn of Solomons Island, have gotten involved. Time, energy, and most importantly, compassion has been generously given to see that Bruce gets back up to speed, where we can continually surround him to aid in his health, welfare and full recovery.

Please join us in our efforts as we hold a benefit for Bruce at Bowens Inn, located on Solomons Island, on Sunday, August 22nd, 2004. We want to help offset the cost of recovery, and let Bruce concentrate on the recovery itself, not paying the medical bills associated with such.

There will be live music by many local artists, - see below for a list of performers on the roster - door prizes, and raffles with chances to win some pretty great stuff!

  • A Takamine EG540SC acoustic Guitar with Hardshell case
  • A Behringer CX2310 Crossover
  • Toys and games
  • 3 hours limo service from Goldstar Limousine in Hollywood, Maryland
  • Gift certificate from Clarke's Landing restaurant in Hollywood, Maryland
  • Gift certificate from Harbor Sounds in Solomons, Maryland
  • Rooms at Bowens Inn for one night
  • 50/50 raffles throughout the day, and much, much more
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004 - 1:00pm to 10:00pm
Bowens Inn of Solomons, Maryland
The Musicians of Southern Maryland
Benefit for Bruce Gowans
(a family friendly event)
A donation of $10.00 for admission
(over 21 years of age)
under 12 years of age get in free
Tickets are sold at the door only, no advanced ticket sales

Live Music
David Norris  *  McClovers  *  Blonde Ambition  *  Dominica
Joseph Norris and Joan Johnson  *  Ben Connelly
'Round Midnite  *  Chrissi Webb  *  6-Pak to Go  *  
33-1/3  *  Dave Houghton  *  ROMI  *  ShallowDeep
Steve Caldwell and Many others

Free Tacos, Burgers, and Hot Dogs Donated by Bowens Inn

Music, Fun, and chances to win some great stuff!

So come on out and have a great time!!
A special thanks to those of you that have made donations while listening to these great local musicians playing in the past few weeks. It means more than we can say. Thanks also to those same musicians that have collectively donated their talents, efforts, time, and tips on behalf of Bruce. You all make the difference! And a very, very special thanks to Bowens Inn for making this event possible. For your time, the use of your establishment, and the incredible generosity that you have shown us and Bruce. We appreciate it!!
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