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Crystal Dawn Dale
September 1978 - July 2015

I didn't know you well.

I was familiar with you, our paths often crossed, we were on a first name basis with each other, but I just didn't know you well.

I know that you were an organ donor, and three of your organs have gone to and helped three people. One is a 40 year old mother!

I know that you have a great mother and two beautiful daughter's.

I know that you are the most important reason a good friend of mine is alive today. Thank you so much for that Crystal.

'Good friend' is the understatement of all understatements..

The kindergarten story told at your wake made me smile, and the slideshow pictures of a younger you made me smile and miss you more.

I would just have to say that I didn't know you as much as I'm going to miss you and your smile, and even though I knew you only on a small scale for the last half baker's dozen or so of the thirty seven years you were here, I'm super glad and honored to have known you at all.

My heart and soul goes out to your Mother, your Sister, your Daughters, and Everybody that this tragedy affects.

Here is a link to Crystal's obituary, a link to a .PDF file of condolences, as well as a link right to Morgan Funeral Home.

Center for Organ Recovery and Education

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