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Kamry X7 - 1600mAh

3.6 volts - Red
3.8 volts - Orange
4.2 volts - Blue

When voltage is lower than 3.3V, the atomizer stops working, the LED twinkles 10 times. When one puff is over 10 seconds, the atomizer stops working, the LED twinkles 10 times. If there's a short circuit, MOS tube turns off, the LED twinkles 3 times.

iTaste 134 Mini

Fully Charged - Green (battery voltage higher than 3.75V)
Half Power - Yellow (battery voltage around 3.6V-3.75V)
Low Power - Red (battery voltage lower than 3.6V)

The Red LED will keep blinking for eight seconds when battery capacity is lower than 3.3V and the iTaste 134 Mini will automatically power off.

The Red LED light will stay lit for five seconds if a load short circuit is detected, after which no vapor will be produced.

The standby current: 150uA maximum
Maximum output voltage: 6.0V (unloaded)
Maximum output current: 5.0A Built in 7A fuse for protection and stability.

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