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Do you, your band, or your business need a website?

I dig music, but I'll do a website for anybody, artist or not, business or personal, and it'll cost different depending on, whatever.. I wouldn't charge you for talking about what you want anyway, and probably you would be pleasantly surprised to find out how much I can do for you, your band or business, and your website, for how many bucks. I can create a website that's just a simple 'online business card' or brochure, one from which you can sell your products and/or services, one that can be a 'line' between you and your clients (or fans!) or one that is all of that. I can probably add to or edit an existing site.

Privacy and security are important to me.

I dig money too, and this will cost you, but probably a lot less than you think. Bottom line; I charge 35 bucks an hour for my services, but I can get a lot done in an hour or few..

Bruce Gowans (like cow, not doe)

Use the contact form on my website

or call me (not after 9PM please, Thanks)

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My answering machine will probably pick up.
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That's SoMD, as in Southern Maryland. The caps aren't necessary, they're just there because I thought their emphasisity important

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