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This is a picture from Cameron's albumThis is a picture from the Blue Folder albumI vape therefore I am

PineyWoodstock 2017
The 10th annual celebration of acoustic music under the pines will start making noise again in 52 days, on August 19th

The next Music Night is in .This is a picture from the Picturetrail albumThis is a picture from the Music pictures album
This is the 13th mean solar day since my last Soul Fix.
I have missed one Music Night

The 22nd day of brain fartlessness.
Barb has had to put up with me for 6,499 days. Close to 18 years.

Here's Richard.      Here's Rosie.
Mike's WordsSteve is #1 in the #2 businessDave's Words.
7 years and 57 days till the second decade Benefit anchor tug.
Thanks for 670 centillion Sunday Peace and Love Vibes.

I may've been on your board only 3,371 or so times, but you'll always be on mine..

C'ya Fid

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