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†  Rest In Peace  †
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I vape, therefore I am.

PineyWoodstock 2016
 The 9th annual celebration of acoustic music under the pines was 191 days ago.

A Music Night Therapy Session for me maybe in
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Barb has put up with me for 17 years and 173 days.
She's a keeper and always on my mind..

Dave's WordsSteve is #1 in the #2 businessMike's Words.
Heeer'es Richard and here   is   Rrrr-o-o-o-o-sie.
7 years and 178 days till the second DecaBeneVersary!
Thanks for the Peace and Love that I got 653 Sunday's ? ago.

C'ya Fid
I may've been on and off your board 3,250 or so times, but you'll always be on mine..

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